Charred Swamp: Forest Fire (Florida Everglades)

Charred Swamp: Forest Fire (Florida Everglades)


Collage. Archival ink jet prints, ink on paper mounted on canvas.
Each 84″ × 36″

Similar in approach to the Haiti/Dominican Republic works, Burnt Swamp: Forest Fire (Florida Everglades) and Charred Swamp: Forest Fire (Florida Everglades) collages continue the exploration of landscapes as sites of conflict and instability. The collages are based on extensive research of and multiple filed trips to numerous forest fire sites in the Florida Everglades—an environmentally volatile location that is under constant threat.

The works reference and merge traditional and non-traditional ideas of landscape in historical and contemporary art, drawing on both Eastern and Western models.

Associated projects: UnNatural History I, Unnatural History II, Floating FiresFloating Fire, Landscape Section: Swamp, Landscape Section: Marsh