Arctic: Dark/Light Ice

Dark Ice


Collage. Ink on paper and digital archival prints mounted on canvas.
Each 48″ × 60″

In a lengthy, manifold process, the paper works were produced from on-site aerial and on-the-ground photographs shot in the Arctic’s Svalbard Archipelago. This documentation was the source material to create unique drawings—drawings that were subsequently turned into digital archival prints, then shredded and applied in multiple sculptural layers to the canvas using archival glue. The original source drawings were also shredded and included in the final work—similar to destroying a printer’s plate. Finally, more direct ink drawing was applied to the collage. The result is an endless detailed surface, combining both handmade and digital techniques.

Photographs in support of the project and its research can be viewed in the “research” section.

Photo credit: Etienne Frossard