The Arctic

The Glacier


During the the Summer of 2013, Blane De St. Croix  participated in the first Summer Solstice Expedition to the high Arctic, organized by the Arctic Circle program. The expedition vessel, an ice-breaking tall ship, departed from Svalbard, Norway, and sailed just ten degrees from the North Pole. While in the Arctic waters, the participants—artists, writers, scientists, and educators—conducted on-site research and pursue creative activities.



Interview with Sasha, a Russian Tour Guide in Pyramindin, an abandoned Russian mining camp created as a utopian communist community.

Captain Joe, captain of the square rig icebreaker sailing vessel Antigua.

Interview with Inn Keeper Trond at Hotel 204 in Longyearbergen.

Aerial documentation and mountain top access outside Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen.

Sailing north toward the ice pack, the western coast of the Svalbard archipelago.