High Peaks

artwork by Blane de St Croix


Acrylic paint, vinyl paste, wood and foam armature, poplar with white stain.
16′ x 6′ x 4.5′

The sculpture works were produced from on-site aerial and on-the-ground photographs shot in the Nepal region of the Himalayan Mountains. “High Peaks” an installation sculpting the peaks of the highest Himalayan mountains that explores the ideas of the never-ending battle between humans and the environment. The language of landscape generally owned by the painting genre transcends here into a painting/sculpture hybrid.

Depicted are six distinct mountain peaks of the Himalayan Mountains installed in precarious and dangerous angles. The sculpture depicts an interpretation of humankind’s endless attempts to conquer, certainly a battle in which nature prevails in the end, and is made through an elaborate process of sculpting, painting and layering.

Associated projects: Research: Himalayas, Nomadic Landscape, Pyramiden/ Permafrost