Plein Air Arctic Permafrost Landscape

Plein Air Arctic Permafrost Landscape


Mixed media and recycled materials.
15” x 13” x 2′

Permafrost provides preservation and structure in the Arctic and yet it has started to thaw at an alarming rate due to climate change. Plein Air Arctic Permafrost Landscape I was sculpted along the Arctic Ocean. Due to erosion, permafrost along the Northern Alaskan coast has been exposed.

Plein Air Arctic Permafrost Landscape II was sculpted on the site of a historical whaling settlement that perished in its second Arctic winter. The sculpture is a rendering of the settlements landscape view across the fjord of a now dying glacier. 

(Plein Air I / II was created in Norway when De St. Croix participated in research in the high Arctic.)

Collage works and photographic documentation in support of the project can be viewed in the respective sections.