Train Landscape Collage Series


Ink, paint, flocking and collage.
14.5” x 16.5”

(Based on Moving Landscape I (2020))

Train Landscape Collage Series features a series of drawings/collages on paper of landscapes on model railroad cars — depicting hardwood and birch and aspen forest, forest fires, treed forest and icebergs, etc. Train Landscape Collage Series is based on research from a 4,000-mile research trip throughout the western and select southern states, in the High Arctics of Utqiaġvik, Alaska and Svalbard, Norway. The research spanned landscapes from glaciers to deserts and high mountains to below sea level as well as a separate witness of the aftermath from the wildfires in Joshua Tree and national park forests throughout California.

Collage works and photographic documentation in support of the project can be viewed in the respective sections.